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Visions of Form

Presented for my BFA Thesis Exhibition, these photos are a culmination of my interest in nude photography throughout my undergraduate studies at University of Alaska - Fairbanks.

I wanted to explore the idea of "beauty for beauty's sake", and was heavily influenced by the aesthetic of color film and large format photography.


The exhibition was presented in October 2018 at Keller Arts & Architecture in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Group f/4 Exhibition -
Jerzy Ellanna May 2020

These images were presented as part of the "Group f/4: Four Female Fotographers" digital exhibition through Fairbanks Arts Association in May 2020, this gallery includes my images only - not the full exhibition. 

Group f/4 (Four Female Fotographers from Fairbanks) loosely follows a photographic tradition started in 1932, with the first museum exhibition of Group f/64.

Like the original group, we are a group of artist finding support in one another. We are four unique artists, presenting different approaches, styles, and techniques - but we share the same deep respect for the medium as evidenced in our work.

Group f/4 Exhibition -
American Landscapes

American Landscapes draws inspiration from early landscape photographers such as Carleton Watkins, as well as from the colors and romanticism of classic Americana photographers such as Ed Freeman. Both Watkins’ and Freeman’s photos have heavily centered subjects and encompass the entire scene or narrative into one careful composition.


The grainy and imperfect film aesthetic draws parallels to the impressionist painters and their deep understanding of light, while the grain is reminiscent of pointillism and its search for perfection.

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