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Group f/4 Exhibition - American Landscapes

December 2020

Artist Statement 

Jerzy Ellanna is a Fine Art and Portrait photographer, born and raised in Alaska and residing in North Dakota. She is a graduate of the University of Alaska Fairbanks with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography and a concentration in Ceramics.

For my subsection of this collective exhibition, I am presenting works from a project called American Landscapes. During my graduate work I was strongly influenced by the tones, palettes, and overall look of color film photography. My love affair with color film and the film aesthetic continue through these works.

American Landscapes draws inspiration from early landscape photographers such as Carleton Watkins, as well as from the colors and romanticism of classic Americana photographers such as Ed Freeman. Both Watkins’ and Freeman’s photos have heavily centered subjects and encompass the entire scene or narrative into one careful composition. The grainy and imperfect film aesthetic draws parallels to the impressionist painters and their deep understanding of light, while the grain is reminiscent of pointillism and its search for perfection.

American Landscapes was born during a time of exploration, discovery, and uncertainty. I started shooting this project while moving away from Alaska for the first time. Faced with the anxiety of starting anew, away from home, and recently graduated, I began shooting with the sole intent of having something fun to show friends and family. I quickly remembered how at its core art is healing and therapeutic above all else. I used this project to find comfort and peace in the face of unfamiliar territory.


Cheyenne River Reservation, SD


Grand Coulee, WA


Theodore Roosevelt National Park, ND (1)


Theodore Roosevelt National Park, ND (2)


Haines Junction, YT


Ester, AK


Garden of the Gods, CO


Continental Divide, CO


Moraine Park, CO

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